Our Ministry in Norway

– Growth 2020
Our Ministry in Norway
The Norwegian Mission Covenant Church is a church movement focusing on the development of healthy, local churches. We are committed to being a dynamic movement. Our desire is to make a difference in local communities and in the lives of individuals. We are focusing on bringing to all the world the life-infusing Gospel about a God who loves all and is seeking a relationship with each and everyone.

Inspired by this dream, the local churches of the Norwegian Mission Covenant Church have teamed together in a giant leap of faith called “Vekst 2020” – “Growth 2020”. Growth 2020 is about doubling of numbers, and deepening of our relationship with the Lord. The aim is to lift our eyes beyond ourselves, our churches and our denomination.

Who are we? The Norwegian Mission Covenant Church is a denomination comprising of about 100 churches and about 9000 members. We are a mainstream Norwegian church when it comes to style and theology. We are also a missions movement, involved in ministry on four continents. At this page, and the underlying pages (see list of projects right column) we present you our national projects.

Powerful vision. Growth 2020 was agreed upon at our General Assembly in 2010. The vision is, by church planting, revitalization of established churches, development of leaders, children ministry and youth ministry, to double the number of active people in the Norwegian Mission Covenant Church. To accomplish this, we seek to mobilize for the vision on a national scale, strengthen local churches and equip individuals for ministry.

We have five main areas of focus: church planting, revitalization of established churches, leadership development, “Levende Tro” (“Living Faith” – how church and home together can disciple the next generation) and missions. We plant churches, develop new skills, and empower leaders.

The hub in the wheel of our nationwide work is Growth 2020. By your gift to Growth 2020 (project 9600), you enable us to keep up the pace and continue to reach new people. We are in a phase of growth, and you can become a valuable partner by contributing with your prayers and finances.

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